My name is Marup Ahmed. An NYC native since May of 1989. I fell in love with New York from the moment I arrived as an eight years old boy. New York has schooled me, raised me, and trained me in every aspect of life and the arts. It has also given me all the character I have. Having lived in each borough, I have experienced many different cultures, foods, and customs from all over the world. Those experiences have shaped me into who I am, a young man with appreciation for everything, from everywhere.

Growing up, I had always wanted a medium to exhibit my creativity. At first I did it through food, then it was sketching fashion and design. Eventually, it lead to photography. Through photography I try to capture a moment in time that makes me smile. Its a moment that makes you feel happy. These moments happen all the time. It can happen while you are driving at night and you see the majestic skyline through your side mirrors. It can happen as a couple walk down the street, hand-in-hand in love. Or it can happen when a family get together to take a portrait. Photography can be used for many purposes. I use it to capture the beauty of this world... or the beauty of the unlovely.

Let me share in the beauty of your life, your family, and your world.